Sweet and dangerous Christmas!

For most people Christmas-“hygge” means lots of good food, candy, nuts, fruit a.s.o …Lovely!

But remember, that what’s nice and fun for us might be life threatening for your dog. So keep an eye on all the bowls and plates on the table when your dog is around.

Chocolate can be life-threatening!

What is really dangerous for your dog is:

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate. It takes only 30 g to kill a15 kg dog, because it affects the heart and causes stomach-bleedings.

Nuts, especially Macadamia and Walnuts are very poisonous to dogs. In combination with chocolate it easy causes illness and death.

Rasins and grapes, even in very small dozes, causes serious kidney-trouble for some dogs.

Seeds of apples, plums and stones from cherries and apricot contains cyanid, which is extremely poisonous.  So try to keep your dog away from apples under the tree in the garden, and from the fruit-bowl indoor.

Candy really isn´t good for anybody, but very dangerous for our best friend, the dog. The reason is xylitol. It causes stomach-ache, cramps and worse. It can make dogs unconscious.

That’s why it is so important to tell kids and guests, that it is dangerous, not kind, to feed the 4-legged friend with all the stuff humans like so much.

Buy som nice dog-training-bites, so they feel included when we “hygger”, …but not too much. Diet in January isn’t fun either.

At the quality-dealers of Brinell Design you can get nice and healthy Christmas-treats for your dog.

Then everyone will have a Merry Christmas!





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