Is a dog a good gift?

Most children have at one time begged parents, and perhaps even grandparents, about getting a dog. So from the point of view of the children, it is probably in the moment “the best gift” one can get. But maybe only until the issue of care comes on the agenda.

Who should look after the dog? That question comes quickly. Because it can be very difficult to assess, how much work is needed to take proper care of a dog. Because there is also a big difference in how much each breed requires. As a starting point, the parents must be ready to care for the dog.

Children quickly lose interest. And the smaller they are, the greater the likelihood that the parents will be the ones to cope with the entire care. Even a teenager can have a hard time understanding such a big responsibility. Therefore, one should think carefully before giving a living animal as a gift.

It is a particularly great task to have a dog, rather than many other small pets, who may be in cages. For the dog needs to be walked min. 3 times daily. You need to schedule time for that, even if you go to school and work.

It is heartbreaking for both children and adults, if you have to hand over your dog to a shelter or to others!

Getting a dog is also getting an expense. Food, equipment, insurance and, not least, veterinarian bills are included in the budget. So it is important that the family also has control over the financial aspects before the decision is made.

Therefore, a dog is only the most beautiful gift one can get, if all involved parties are in agreement.

Like if you really have time, desire and advice to get such a nice, new member into the family. On the other hand, you have also got the best friend in the whole dog life.

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