Dogs clothing need to be functional!

The winter in Northern Europe is a challenge, not only for humans, but also for a great deal of animals being outside. Lots of birds migrate south, maybe dogs would do that too, if they could?

We put on coats, hats and gloves, and we can choose to make the winter more fun for our best friends, the dogs.  By dressing them in clothes made to meet their needs. Dogs clothing need to be functional.

Roads and pavements are in wintertime covered  with chemicals and salt, to protect us from ice. Some places are so well protected, that it is almost impossible to avoid it on the dog-walk. Most dogs would be happy about a protective layer of paw-wax. De fleste hunde vil være glade for et beskyttende lag potevoks inden turen. And do remember a serious cleaning of the paws, when you return home.

If your dog is shaking, or refuses to walk, it is probably because it is freezing!

If your dog is used to indoor temperatures, it will most likely freeze outdoor when it is wintercold.  Exactly like we do.

Dogs with thin fur and those who are small, weak, old, with no or little fat, or puppies are vulnerable. They will typical need clothing around minus 3-4 degrees celcius. When bigger, healthy dogs, with a good fur, and more fat, will be fine down to minus 8-9 degrees celcius. 

That is why  Behavioral-consultant at Dansk Kennel Klub that you use dogs clothing for the  vulnerable dogs, before you go out.  And that you keep walking. In winter-time don´t park your dog outside shops or restaurants, while you are kept warm inside.

Your dog get the best isulation with more layers, and keep the heat close to the body by using a windproof layer.

Cold is increased by wind, and dogs feel that too. Remember adding eg. a fleece under the knitted sweater or a windproof coat above, when necessary .

A very good start for a nice and warm walk in the wintertime, will be a danish handknitted wool-sweater for your best friend and a hat and scarf for you.  Maybe you will need to put a fleece underneath. Or af wind-/waterproof coat above, when the wind blows for real.

Wool is a natural fiber, and will last for a long time,  if you take good care of it.  Remember not to pull the wool when wet. It will change shape. Also, do remember to use detergent made for wool , and use wool-programme, with no or only little movement, when you use washing-machine.

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