Why, Where and What does it tell you???

Dit you loose your care-label? Find it below!


Care-label, Why?

Because not even the best fabric and the best design, will last very long, if you treat it wrong.

Buy good stuff and treat it well.



Care-label, Where?

Everyone knows how annoying care-labels are. They are so big, and itching so much that we can´t wait to cut them off.

Unfortunately, we some times cut the fabric too!

Dogs can´t tell you if a label is itching or just annoying. And some dogs are very sensitive.

Thats why Brinell Design decided to find a better solution for dogs-clothing.

The care-label is attached to the hang-tag, then you can keep it with your laundry, without hurting your dog.


Care-label, What does it tell you?

Take a moment to look at what it is telling you before you throw it out:

Understanding the care label on your garments will save you time and money. It also keeps the dog-clothes looking like new for longer.

The symbols on a care label can often seem very complicated. However, they are actually quite simple once you decode the system of dots, lines, and pictures that compose the instructions.


Hand wash only :

Fx. Delicate fabrics as silk, wool and some water-resistant fabrics.
Because they will get ruined if they are worked too much, heated to much or wrinkled.


Very important about wool-knittings:

Always use a special soap without enzymes, and never use fabric softeners. Max temperature 30º celsius.

Don´t work the knitting too much, it can cause felting, and carefully press out water before you lay the garment down on a towel to dry. DO NOT WRING, RUB, OR TWIST YOUR KNIT as it can cause felting!

Some machines has a “Wool“-program, you may use that too, observing the rules above.


Very important about Caps:

DO NOT WRING OR TWIST YOUR CAP, not even if it´s dry! It will ruin the brim.

DO NOT WASH ….If dirty, use a soft brush.

If machine washing is not recommended, the machine symbol will be crossed out.

Machine wash:
Wash at max. 40º…and normal cycle (no line under wash-symbol)
Typical fabrics like fx. cotton and polyester.
Lines below the symbol indicate cycles. No lines mean normal cycle, one line permanent press, and two lines gentle cycle.

Wash at max. 30º…and delicate cycle (two lines under wash-symbol)
Typical fabrics that might get wrinkled

Dry Clean:
No stronger chemical than Perchlorethylen.
No Dry Clean
An empty triangle on your tag indicates that all types of bleach are safe for your garment.
If the triangle is X-ed out, this indicates that the garment should not be bleached.
Tumble dry:
One dot in the center of the circle pictured here indicates low heat
If the symbol is X-ed out, the item should not be put in the dryer.
Hang dry:
Typical polyamid – used for fx. rain-gear
Lay-down and dry:
Typical knittings, which otherwise will change shape! 
The system of dots applies here too.
One dot means low heat, two medium, three high
An X over the symbol? No iron, or a cool iron

Dit you loose your care-label……Find it here:

Otter dogs coat

Otter Mini dogs coat

Ull beret

Washed wool 80% wool 20% PE

Washed wool 80% wool 20% PE -lining 100% PE

Washed wool 80% wool 20% PE

Sigyn CapWashed wool 80% wool 20% PE
Vale knitted dog sweater

Valhal knitted dog sweater

Lue knitted big beanie

Vali knitted circle scarf

Nari knitted scarf/shawl

Handknit 100% pure wool

Handknit 100% pure wool

Handknit 100% pure wool

Handknit 100% pure wool

Handknit 100% pure wool

Maxi fleece t-shirt

Ziggy fleece t-shirt

Sif fleece t-shirt

Mini-sif fleece t-shirt

Durin dachshund t-shirt

Luna BigEye fleeceT-shirt

Sif Microfleece t-shirt

Luna BigEye Microfleece T-shirt

Fleece 100% PE

Fleece 100% PE

Fleece 100% PE

Fleece 100% PE

Fleece 100% PE

Fleece 100% PE

Microfleece 100% PE

Microfleece 100% PE

Mini-sif “I love you”

Tube “I love you”

Fleece 100% PE with embroidery
Sif isoli t-shirt95% Cotton 5% PE print
Siffie wind t-shirt

Siffie scuba  rain t-shirt

95% PE 5% Lycra

Scuba 95% PE 5%Lycra

Siffie rain t-shirt

Eir rain coat

Gerd rain coat

100% PE with PA coating
Gersimi rain cap100% PE with fleece lining

If there are used different fabrics for the style, we will recommend the treatment for the most sensitive of the materials used in the style.


Didn´t you find it?

….send an e-mail to info@dogshopbybrinell.dk


If you don´t remember the name of the style, take a picture, and mail that too, then we reply ASAP!